The Importance of Creativity and Connection

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Hey Friends! So glad you’re here today. I hope you’re having an awesome day and are excited to be alive. We have so much to be thankful for and being thankful each day can transform us in ways we never thought possible! I’m thankful for a wonderful weekend that I had a few weeks ago at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at … Read More

Experiential Event Hosted by Amy Grant plus One on One Coaching with Me

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When you go to a concert, motivational event or retreat getaway you feel so much better while you are there and even after… That’s because the brain connects a positive experiential event which utilizes all your senses, locks in those memories at a deeper level, and allows you to recall and benefit from that experience. Need a boost? You can … Read More

Dealing with Fear – Ask Dar Series

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Today I wanted to share a very touching story of a girl that wrote in from the Coach Dar community that is going through something traumatic in her life. If you’ve ever been given a diagnostic and unsure of how to move forward, listen to this audio. My main takeaways from this short “Ask Dar” audio clip are:     … Read More

Best Smoothies with 3 Ingredients or Less

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You know what I love about smoothies? They are an incredibly convenient way to load up on nutrients like fruits, veggies, and proteins. When you’re in a rush, it’s hard to get motivated to make a nutritionally sound meal, but these smoothie recipes leave you with no excuse! With only 3 ingredients, take a quick minute to invest in yourself, … Read More

Meet Coach Dar

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Welcome! I am so glad you are here! Your new life can begin now. I invite you to take the step and engage with me here and with others who want to live their life to the fullest. Think “Nike meets the Wellness world” and you just got your own head coach to lead you and your team in a … Read More