Giving Is Living!

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Hey all! In our RTB community, we’re talking ‪#‎givingisliving‬ and how giving comes from love on the inside first … Love you, love others, love what you have while working toward what you want, love the good in others .. Serving and giving is bigger than we are… because, when we give, we leave a mark on someone and that mark makes a ripple that goes on for good which makes the world better!

This is all WAY BIGGER than just one act of kindness… It’s epic!

When you give to live, love kindness wins every time!
Pay It Forward Day is coming April 28th! Get ready! We will all go out and do acts of kindness to create a kindness shockwave! Check out and join the movement!

If you haven’t joined our RTB member group. We WANT YOU!  Please join us. Visit and sign up now.

love you all very much!
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💛👊 Coach Dar

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