Experiential Event Hosted by Amy Grant plus One on One Coaching with Me

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When you go to a concert, motivational event or retreat getaway you feel so much better while you are there and even after… That’s because the brain connects a positive experiential event which utilizes all your senses, locks in those memories at a deeper level, and allows you to recall and benefit from that experience.

Need a boost? You can draw on that experience and BOOM you have just increased your mood, your day, and your life! That just happens to be one of the best ways to have instant access to a mood-elevating drug called your memory bank 🙂 ! It’s very powerful.

The Coach Dar Wellness and Lifestyle programs are all about this. Experiences matter! It helps you Raise the Bar in your life, breakthrough barriers, and reach heights you never thought possible.

Sooooo here comes the Exciting News 👏👏👏



Join Amy Grant (and friends) and I on October 23-25 2015 (in just 3 weeks!!)

Creative Collaboration Live at the Lake is being held on beautiful Lake Oconee at the Ritz-Carlton with 6 time grammy award winning artist Amy Grant!! This experiential event is going to help you unlock your creativity and experience life in an uplifting and amazing way. It will be a weekend you will never forget and one you will be able to pull from. 🙂

Amy is sharing her creative gifts with all of us. I am so passionate about this event and what Amy Grant and her friends have to offer that I am going to add to this amazing experience by including an exclusive in-person coaching session to those who attend from the Coach Dar community.

Those that attend will have the chance to learn more about themselves, engage with me in a private coaching session in a setting that will allow you to unplug from the world so you can plug into your heart and experience more. Again, this is included in the event for you at no additional charge.

Treat yourself! A beautiful resort. Amazing talent. Super creativity. The Ritz-Carlton. Beautiful Lake Oconee. A spa! One on one in-person coaching with me!

Hope you can make it and here’s to you raising the bar in your life!

Important info and registration notes:

Along with Amy Grant, we will learn from Leslie Satcher who has written many award-winning songs as well as Tricia Rose Burt, celebrated NYC Fringe Festival playwright and frequent Moth contributor!

This is an intimate and interactive event with these artists for only 75 people. (A limited number of spots remain.)

Read all about it: http://donahueentertainment.com/events/ritz-carlton-amy-grant.html

(Mention that ‘CoachDar sent me’ when you register to receive the one on one coaching session with me.)

When: October 23-25, 2015

Where: The Ritz-Carlton at Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee just a few hours outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

The event is priced “per room”… it is $3,000 for the entire weekend (room, event, coaching) or $1500 per person if you share the room with a friend. (Bring a friend!!)

What’s included: Pretty much EVERYTHING! 2 concerts, all meals, a cocktail reception, a sunday brunch, parking, wifi, all resort activites (spa and golf are extra), amazing settings in the presidential cabin, and the one on one coaching!

Again, more information is available here:


I hope to see you (and Amy Grant and friends) in a few weeks!!

2 Comments on “Experiential Event Hosted by Amy Grant plus One on One Coaching with Me”

  1. Libby Jordan, OTR/L

    I’m so excited!! Sending off info for my reservation now! Going with a great friend! I GREW UP listening to Amy Grant and I love learning from Coach Dar!

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