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Making the news in the Sydney Morning Herald – Australia!!! Feeling very blessed to be a part of a movement worldwide that helps share kindness everywhere making people’s days better one act of kindness at a time.

And talk about Raising The Bar read the article to meet the amazing Blake Beattie, Founder of International Pay It Forward Day. Blake leads the charge from Australia. Truly an inspirational leader!!!

Feeling beyond Grateful Blake that you selected me to be Global board member and the
US Ambassador for International Pay It Forward Day – I may help guide and inspire but there are millions who make this happen.

I want to thank everyone in the US & worldwide for helping us lead the way in kindness.

Please do not stop paying it forward because this world needs more of it and not just at the holiday but all year! Do something everyday that will help someone out or make them smile … It could change someone’s day for the better because you cared!!

The US is one of 75 countries who participates yearly In global acts of kindness – let’s keep the kindness ripple going for our world!

Stay tuned to see how you can be a part of our 10 yr anniversary event April 28, 2016 – goal 10 million acts of kindness worldwide – we are going to create the largest kindness ripple ever felt! Stay tuned

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