Must Have Looks for Autumn and Winter

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And why you should care what you wear!

Hey there! It’s Coach Dar, and I’m so excited to share with you today. How many of you out there care about what you wear? Why do you care, and if you don’t, why not?

I think dressing well improves your self-confidence and others notice. I’m not saying that you have to be trendy. I’m just saying that when we dress well, we feel well, and that’s what we want to do, right…Be Well, Live Well, Serve Well…It’s all about being well. For me, you know I love rocking my jeans, t-shirt, blazer and heels. Haha! It’s my favorite way to dress, and I feel confident in my clothing. I like to pay attention to what’s trending and work it into my wardrobe when I can, but what’s trendy doesn’t always make me feel confident, and we want to feel confident, right?! It’s all about raising the bar (#RTB), and we can do that in our lives and with our clothes too!

To help me out a little bit with the fashion scene, I asked Maggie Heintzman from Jettison Style ( to give us some closet therapy. Maggie is a professional “wardrobe editor”. She comes to your house, goes through your closet with you and helps you pick out your best wardrobe pieces. She then teaches you how to look and feel good with what you are wearing. Now does that sound like fun or what?! You can get some great outfits put together, find out what you might need to buy and purge the old stuff that’s just sitting around and taking up space. It always feels good to purge, right? Out with the old and in with the new… outfit!

Let’s see what Maggie has to say about what to wear this fall and winter, how to put your outfit together and how to wear it well and with confidence.

First off, Maggie talked about trends for this fall/winter season… There are three “must have’s” for fall…A great pair of jeans, a utility jacket and boots. First off, Jeans… Maggie told me that your jeans can be “regular denim, black skinnies or a distressed pair. They should fit you well and flatter your shape! And you should want to reach for them!” Also, Maggie suggested having a utility jacket in your wardrobe because it’s “such an easy piece to throw on and help pull an outfit together. It can be a typical army green or you can branch out and get a color like cabernet which is big this fall.” Finally, Maggie suggested that you have a great pair of boots. Maggie loves her lighter short suede pair by Lucky Brand and her darker, tall leather pair by Frye. Now, you know I’m a fan of heels, but I love to wear boots too!

Next, we talked about 3 tips to pull an outfit together. Listen up, ‘cause this piece is important. There are a few small touches you can do to an outfit to spruce it up and make it look put together. First, Maggie shared what is called the European tuck…no it’s not an exercise, haha!…it’s a way to tuck in your shirt or blouse! Basically, you just tuck in the very front of your top and leave a little of your waistband showing. Also, she suggested cuffing your pants a little. These cuffs “break up the lines in an outfit” which makes it look more thought out even if it isn’t. I love these ideas! Don’t you? So simple but GREAT!

Second, Maggie suggested wearing layers, and she’s big on the idea of a “third piece”– “meaning a blazer or a vest or a scarf or basically any ‘statement piece’ in addition to your shirt and pants.” Take me for example, if I’ve got on my heels, jeans and favorite jersey, I add a blazer as my third piece. Yay! I’ve already got this one down and didn’t even know it!

Third, Maggie talked about the importance of wearing what feels comfortable. She said, “I think a huge key to pulling an outfit together and pulling it off is feeling comfortable in it. In other words, if you don’t like dresses/skirts/heels/whatever else, don’t wear them. Figure out your style and spend time honing in on that…” and when you do that people notice more than a new outfit…they notice your new confidence.

Finally, I asked Maggie about why she thought it was important to care about what you wear. Being in the fashion industry, Maggie is automatically primed to style and dressing, but she also thinks that wearing a well-put-together outfit gives you a sense of confidence, and when you have confidence, others notice. She said, “The unfortunate reality is that, whether we want it to or not, what we wear says a lot about us. So whether it’s for the sake of a first impression, or based on our desire to be noticed or our itch for comfort and convenience, it’s important to care about what we wear because it influences the way we are perceived by others. And figuring out your own personal style is a huge piece of the puzzle because once you know that, you gain confidence in buying new clothes and in pulling together new outfits. And again, new confidence is noticeable!”

Amen, Maggie! She’s so right, confidence IS noticeable and very important. It may be that on a “down day”, you put together a great outfit with a third piece, haha, and feel like you can take on the world. Of course, we all know that it feels great to cozy up in our sweats or pj’s, and there’s certainly a time for doing that, right? I’d be the first one to admit that I love comfy clothes! We all do…but, come on, we all know there are yoga pants and sweatshirt days and days for that rockin’ wardrobe to come out…which should be more days than most!

Wow! I’m so excited! I love getting these tidbits of information about fashion and style. Isn’t Maggie awesome?! I can’t wait to try the European tuck…how about you? So simple, yet transforming. That’s what we’re all about…transformation. It’s gotta happen on the inside first, but when we look put together on the outside, there’s no doubt that it can help us feel confident and in control. Remember, it’s not really about trendy. It’s about taking care of yourself and being the best “YOU” that YOU can be.

Thanks everybody! I hope you have a great day. You’ve Got This!

Be Well, Live Well, Serve Well

Coach Dar

(Fashion images courtesy TOMS Shoes and Anthropologie respectively)

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