PIFDay is April 28!

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As you may have heard me talk about or share on social media, I am the U.S. Ambassador for Pay It Forward Day (PIFDay) which isApril 28th…just 8 days away. I couldn’t be more proud or more honored to hold this position and help with the movement to make the world a better place through the power of being kind.

April 28 is a day for us to stand up for kindness to others. This movement is bigger than us. It’s about changing lives across the globe with 10 million acts of kindness across 78 countries, and it’s not just about this one day…it’s about doing random acts of kindness EVERY DAY for the rest of our lives. People are hurting.

We can make a difference by showing love, kindness and compassion to others.  It starts at home and continues out our doors with everyone we meet. Our world has enough violence, war, abuse, neglect, suicide, bullying and an all-time height of mental illness.  We have a choice to show hate or love, judgment or grace, fear or faith, violence or kindness. You have a choice. You can perpetuate the negative and ugliness or you can choose to be a person of love, grace and kindness. You WILL affect someone’s life for the better if you take the road of kindness. In turn, that person will have the opportunity and example to show kindness as well which then creates the ripple effect that we need to happen across the globe!

Please be thinking about something kind you can do and something positive that you can share on your social media on April 28. We share so much these days. We have a platform for good like we’ve never had before. Take advantage of this opportunity. Share something good and encouraging on April 28. Become a part of this #PayItForwardDay movement not just on PIF Day but every day. Set your sights on turning your thinking and actions from negative to positive while encouraging others to do the same. 

Use the hashtags #PayItForwardDay #BelieveInKindness and ask others to do the same. You can share. It’s not hard.  I believe in kindness, do you?  Let’s try to get media all over the world to cover story after story of acts of kindness going on all across the world. Can you imagine broadcast after broadcast of kindness? What?! You know how depressing it is to view or hear about violence and hurt. What if it the news was POSITIVE and was showcasing, interrupting programming, posting on the TV ticker RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS showing our youth that love is always better than hate. Let’s unite and do something that makes a difference in this world!!

I am in are you?  Let’s go impact 10 million lives on April 28th. This whole movement is bigger than us. Pay It Forward is a perfect example of #GivingisLiving. Take up the torch. Help us create an unprecedented day…year…lifetime of KINDNESS!

Go to payitforwardday.com or pifdayusa.com to read more. Also follow me on my social media sites as I update and share all through the day. I’m so excited! #PIFDay 

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