Meet Darleen Santore, known to many as Coach Dar. As a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, business executive, author and speaker, she is passionate about helping people break through barriers to achieve their goals. She blends a knowledge of science, psychology and achievement with her personal passion for life.

The result?

Individuals, corporate executives and professional athletes aim higher and achieve more. It is her unique style and approach during one-on-one sessions, transformational seminars, and high impact speaking engagements, that has helped people say no to the status quo, to raise the bar in their lives, to break free so they can breakthrough, and to reignite their hearts to live a purposeful life.


From her experience as a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, to a healthcare executive, to Chief Operating Officer of a record label, to Chief Performance Officer at a fast growing jewelry company, Darleen has a proven track record of leading people and inspiring positive changes that impact lives.


Darleen has significant speaking experience from teams and small groups to addressing thousands at national conferences. Her talks focus on giving people tools and sparking their motivation to Raise The Bar in their personal and professional lives

Coach Dar is an expert at inspiring and motivating audiences through high-energy speaking engagements.

Coach Dar’s Speakers Reel

Coach Dar’s 30-minute presentations will bring excitement and change to your business, organization or event of any size.

Coach Dar has brought motivation to over 100,000 and that has resulted in increased sales, engagement and changed lives. Her 30-minute talks will bring excitement and change to your business, organization or event of any size.

Coach Dar’s 30-minute presentations will bring excitement and change to your business, organization or event of any size.

Example topics include:

5 B’s to Breakthrough: This high energy, high impact presentation will help your audience break through things that are holding them back, so they can step up and step into their greatness.

3 F’s to Fulfillment: Coach Dar helps audiences gain clarity on how to live a truly fulfilled life by tapping into the 3 F’s: Focus, Fortitude, and Faith.

5 Plays to Greatness: In this special keynote, Coach Dar lays out a game plan that breaks down 5 plays that will help you win the game of life.

Are you looking to increase sales, amplify engagement and change lives? Coach Dar is available for events, workshops or breakout sessions. Learn how Coach Dar can ignite the audience at your next event. Email to learn more about availability and rates.

What people are saying…

“Darleen has a remarkable ability to connect with and guide you to your core values. Each of us is different, yet we each have the ability to find great joy in our lives with the right focus and direction. As an experienced executive and recent cancer survivor trying to reconnect with life and redefine my priorities, I have found Darleen to be invaluable in helping me regain that vision. I would strongly recommend and encourage her to anyone who desires to find greater meaning, purpose, and direction in life. She is a treasure! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.”

— Joe Crace JD, MBA Senior Vice President Compass Executives, LLC

“Darleen a visionary! She has a keen eye and extraordinary listening skills. With both of these attributes she can uniquely assess a situation and find resolve. Darleen is also able to identify problems and come up with the tools required to create a positive outcome. I always consider her a Jack of many trades and a master of them all. She has helped both my business and family greatly, from teaching us effective communication skills to developing great team dynamics. Her communication seminar is very effective as well.”

— Randi Lesnick CEO of Randi Events, Event Planner to the Stars

“Darleen is ridiculously talented in reference to motivating people and guiding them in their personal and business direction. This trait is not something that many people possess. Its’ a rarity that someone can actually help another person find happiness, but she does this with ease. Her positivity is contagious. People want to be in her presence. Darleen is one of the most motivated, career-minded, intelligent, and strong women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I truly mean all of this!”

— Aimee Bloch, Hedge Fund Manager

“Darleen truly is the ultimate coach. Everyone has a ‘deal’ to work through when it comes to leadership and the pursuit of dreams. Basically, you have to work through your ‘deal’ to get the ‘deal’ you want. Darleen understands the obstacles involved and effectively uses her journey to help you walk through yours.”

— John Zarling VP of Promotions and Media Strategy, Big Machine Record Group

“Finding someone who can reach into another’s heart and mind and truly influence and change you is difficult, because that really can’t be taught. The true effective influencer and teacher is made and also born. Darleen is a purely powerful influence in her clients’ lives. She is an intuitive, compassionate, brilliant reader of the human condition, emotion, and motivation. She radiates energy and confidence, and the client can’t help but feel the impact. She is driven by the earnest desire to succeed by having the client succeed. She measures her success by the gratitude of her clients, not by the amount of money received. I have had her come up to work with my law students, because of the confidence I have in her abilities and because I know my students will be better trial lawyers because of their contact with Darleen. She is an honest, earnest, able broker in an untrustworthy, frequently incompetent world. I give her my highest recommendation.”

— Robert Altchiler JD, Adjunct Law Professor, Pace University Law School

You are so inspirational!! I loved hearing you speak! Thank you so much for everything that you do!!! {love} you!!! #RTBKelly Ballengee