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Raise the bar in your life today by diving into Coach Dar’s online classes. Dar guides you step by step to achieve greatness.

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We know it can be lonely at the top and sometimes we need a trusted advisor. Dar works with executives to refine their core purpose and achieve bigger goals.

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To bring some inspiration and focused energy to your next event today.

Knowledge is great, but knowledge applied is wisdom.

Coach Dar

Are you wasting time settling and coasting through life?

Do you feel like you are not going to reach your full potential?

Are you gambling your legacy and leaving it to chance instead of intentionally pursuing excellence to achieve greatness?

It is Time to Raise the Bar

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We all need a little encouragement.
I’ve got you!
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Coach Dar

No matter where they are in life, so many people doubt themselves.

I help you believe in your gifts to achieve greatness. When this happens you feel empowered.

Coach Dar

Peak Performance Coaching

As the founder of Performance Meets Purpose, I know that you want to achieve greatness in your life. In order to do that, you need to feel empowered to show up better every-single-day.

Coach Dar

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Level Up Today

Leading a life of impact and fulfillment doesn’t happen by accident.

These 4 simple yet powerful principles will push you to raise the bar as a leader and pursue excellence in every single area of your life.