A Letter from Coach Dar…

Hi! My name is Darleen Santore, but many know me as Coach Dar.

Just as professional athletes need a head coach to help them reach their full potential, I help individuals gain clarity and focus in order to live well, lead well, and propel themselves to new heights.

For the past 18 years, I have worked as a Board Certified Occupational Therapist and coach. As a therapist, I have worked side by side with individuals who have overcome unimaginable setbacks due to illness or injury. And as a coach, I have partnered with individuals of all walks of life, including athletes, performers and executives in an effort to help them reach their peak potential. Through all of this, I have developed a playbook that is geared to help others take their lives to the next level. And now, I’m sharing it with the masses in hopes that people everywhere can live life to their full potential!

I believe that your dreams matter. So if you’re ready to say no to the status quo and raise the bar in your life then I invite you to join me as we break down barriers so you can step into your greatness.

Let’s get started!

Be Well, Live Well, Serve Well,
Coach Dar



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